• October 6, 2007 /  Operating Systems

    Linux-Capable Mouse

    I bought myself a new mouse a while back. It’s an Okion Mokoto retractable optical pocket mouse for my laptop. The shape and size was just right, and unlike other retractable mice, the cord retracts inside the mouse, so there are no dangling wires. It’s no expensive fancy-dandy mouse, but it does its job well. Hey, who really needs a mouse with two mouse-wheels and a double-click button anyway.

    One thing that caught my eye though are the three OS-capable logos on the box. Yes, three. No longer are products only”Windows compatible” or “OSX compatible”, they’re now also “Linux compatible”!

    While that may sound good for Linux users, it is quite silly to me to hear these marketing ploys; it’s a well-known fact that standard mice and input devices like these (as well as a wide range of hardware) has long been supported by (and many times perform better in) Linux for a long time, and you won’t need any driver discs either (I do give them credit: the Linux logo most likely means they actually did some testing in Linux). It’s almost as silly as seeing a USB extension cable labeled “Vista compatible”. It’s a piece of wire! It’s no more OS-compatible than your wall outlet is “electricity compatible”!

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