• December 9, 2007 /  Lifestyle

    While this blog is mainly geared towards tech-stuff, environment conservation is also quite high up my list of interests. And so, allow me to take a brief pause to tech to give an appeal to all those that would read this blog.

    Here in my half of the globe, a small nation struggles to protect it’s natural resources. Meanwhile, a group calling itself The Bacolod Air Rifle Hunting Club shoots innocent wild birds for fun, and has the audicity to smile for a picture with their kill!

    And so, avid readers, I urge you to STOP THIS PHILIPPINE ENDEMIC BIRD MASSACRE by signing on in this online petition. Once it gets enough signatures (10,000 signatures), it will be sent to the media and the government, and hopefully urge the Philippine government to action against this decidely illegal past-time.

    There’s more than one way to offset carbon emissions, let this be one of our contributions. Thanks for taking time to read this far.

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