• April 29, 2008 /  Ubuntu

    Hardy_FileOperationsCan your file manager do this?

    This is only one of the cool additions to Hardy Heron, the latest version of Ubuntu to come out.

    Other new features include Firefox 3 beta, modified in Hardy for stability, better hardware support, upgraded versions of all applications, Transmission BitTorrent client, and a nifty new wallpaper!

    You can now also try Ubuntu inside Windows like a regular application. No need to partition, and no harm to your system. Give it a try!

    For more details, check out the Ubuntu website.

    Hardy File Operations 2Update: The new File Operations manager now also offers the “merge” feature when overwriting folders. In Windows, if you choose to overwrite a folder, it will blindly overwrite all of its contents as well. With merge, you will have the option of confirming which files inside the folder will be overwritten. Cool!

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