• November 13, 2008 /  PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

    The PS3 finally, clearly, claims 1st prize and bragging rights in this totally scientifically-decided battle for the top next-gen console.

    The XBox 360 dropped out in the very first round while the Wii and PS3 continued on duelling it out till the end. Applause! Applause! Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t get a 360 after all…

    Note: I urge you not to perform this test yourself, but feel free to do so. I waive all responsibility.
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  • November 9, 2008 /  Games, Wii

    When I was younger, there was a cartoon on TV called G-Force: Guardians of Space (Gatchaman in Japan). They were a group of 5, dressed in costumes representing an avian specie, similar to Voltron and Voltes V, except they flew in a plane and didn’t have a big robot. But they fought and kicked ass.

    Well, the Guardians of Space are back, and they’re kicking Ryu’s ass in this video of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the Wii! Watch the video to see the beautiful, head-bashing visuals:

    After the break, we have Ghostbusters coming to the Wii
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  • November 5, 2008 /  Lifestyle, Photography, Tools

    I was in the market for a new bag to hold my suddenly increasing gear. If ever you’ve tried traveling by plane, you’ll know how difficult it is to lug your gear around in your backpack. It’s heavy enough to break your back. And checking them in isn’t always an option because it’ll surely bring your luggage to the weight limit.

    Enter the airport-friendly bags for the modern photographer. There were several brands that I was choosing from: Pelican 1514, Lowepro ProRoller Mini, ThinkTank Airport Security and a cheap Nikon rolling backpack that I found in one of the stores, among others. All of these choices offered two things I was looking for:

    1. Easy to lug around; can’t get any easier than wheels
    2. I can bring at as carry-on luggage
    3. Price vs. quality and features

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