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    Kenny's First Airsoft Game at Maxsports Adventure Park

    K's First Airsoft Game at Maxsports Adventure Park

    Just a few hours ago, I was diving in the dirt, inhaling dust, and (trying to) pump all my opponents full of adrenaline-pumped lead…er…airsoft pellets actually.

    (The rest of these pics at my Flickr)

    I was telling my friend K about my interest in joining these airsoft games a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, his cousin Alvin of Team Lock & Load was really into it. So K and I tagged along to get some pointers from Alvin, and to try it for ourselves.

    We played in the relatively new Maxsports Adventure Park, one of the many gamesites where you can bring your registered gun (yes, airsoft guns need registration) and shoot people with it, within the bounadries of the game of course. Maxsports offers several playing fields, including one for MilSims (short for Military Simulations) complete with man-made trenches, a warehouse for CQBs (Close Quarter Battles), and the speedball (basically the same as paintball’s speedball games) field where we played in. Gameplay is fast and furious, where games end in 10-20 minutes each, allowing everyone to play more.

    Tokyo Marui M92FS

    Tokyo Marui M92FS Beretta

    I brought with me my Tokyo Marui M92FS gas blowback pistol which I smuggled straight from Japan in my check-in baggage. While it was perfectly legal to put airsoft guns in your check-in baggage in Japan, as long as they are still in their packaging, Philippine customs would confiscate or even apprehend you if they caught you transporting a gun (you need to have some permits to import guns). There was also a problem on how to register my airsoft, which required presenting the original receipt of purchase to the PNP-FED (Philippine National Police Firearms and Explosives Division). Thankfully, there were palms that could be greased.;)

    Anyway, my pistol would have been useless as I would have been at the receiving end of my opponents, all carrying fully automatic rifles. It was a good thing Alvin not only brought a vest, mask, and gloves, he also had a spare rifle for K & I to use.

    We are so definitely gonna play again!

    To see more pictures, check out my Flickr

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