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    Just look for the Airborne Access Wifi Zone logo

    Just look for the Airborne Access Wifi Zone logo

    I can now surf the net through any of the Wi-Fi hotspots of the largest Wi-Fi network in the Philippines! Smart Gold recently paired up with Airborne Access to provide you with unlimited WiFi access at all Airborne Access hotspots across the nation. Within the Metro, when I’m having fun in Subic, or even when I’m relaxing up north in Baguio, there’s an Airborne Access hotspot within reach.

    For only P99 (roughly $2 or Y200) per month, you can now register for this service through your Smart Gold subscription. All you have to do is to type in “REG” and send it to 9434.

    This service is similar to the tie-up that TripleGate and the Yodobashi chain of superstores in Japan since last year, where you pay Y380/mo (roughly $3 or Php165) which gives you free Wi-Fi access to more than 6000 hotspots, which includes most McDonald’s stores, the Tokaido Shinkansen on the N700 (bullet train), major train stations, and major airports.

    Yes, I did sign up for this service. And it was such a good thing to pass by my time chatting and surfing the net while I was waiting for my plane in Narita airport or the time that I was coordinating a deal while I was waiting for a friend at McDonald’s (that friend wound up at another nearby McDonald’s so it was quite a long wait. Seems like they have them in every corner in metropolitan Japan).

    And I sure missed that Wi-Fi service when I came back to the Philippines. So imagine my joy that Smart Telecomms actually did something smart for a change by offering this service at this price! Am I recomminding this service? You betcha.

    Once again, just type “REG” and send to 9434. To learn more about this service, visit the Airbone Access website. For non-Smart Gold subscribers, you can still avail of their service by registering and buying prepaid cards.

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4 Comments to WiFi Anywhere

  • Anton says:

    very informative jeff!

    i’d buy you coffee, but i’m still waiting for my credit card to be renewed ^_^

  • punongbisyonaryo says:

    Hey Anton,

    It’s the thought that counts.:D

  • Jesslee says:

    I’ve been planning to subscribe with WGConnect, but I don’t know, it didn’t happen. I’m paying too much with the unlimited packet plan from Softbank … Me need to save.

    Thanks for reminding!

  • punongbisyonaryo says:

    Hi JessLee! How are you? Lemme know how it goes, maybe you can post a mini-review of WGConnect here, so we can all be informed consumers.

    Good luck!

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