• April 29, 2009 /  Mac, Tech Stuff

    Been quite busy lately, I was hired to do an audio video production for someone’s birthday, and also I’m setting up several model shoots to build up my portfolio. Plus, I just came back from Shanghai, so blogging time was close to nil.

    So for now, I’ll just leave you with an excerpt from late breaking news that Apple is getting sued for iTunes

    Internet rights champions have accused Apple of stifling free speech by bullying OdioWorks into ending online sharing of ways to get iPods to work with music websites other than iTunes…

    …At the heart of the issue is the BluWiki website that details ways to get Apple’s popular iPhones and iPod MP3 players to synchronize music and video files with media at services such as Songbird, Banshee, Rockbox, and Winamp…

    …Apple zealously guards iTunes’ status as an exclusive content delivery and management tool for iPod and iPhone hardware.

    “Apple’s legal threats against BluWiki are about censorship, not about protecting their legitimate copyright interests,” said EFF senior staff attorney Fred von Lohmann.

    Full article at Yahoo!News

    All I can say is I’m not surprised and actually expecting it. These days, consumers can no longer be bullied into a monopoly the likes of how Microsoft dominated the 90′s. Personally, I’ve never used iTunes software with my 3rd-gen iPod Nano. As an Ubuntu user, I’ve initialized it in Linux and use Rhythmbox and GTKPod for managing my music and videos. I’ll teach you guys how to do that next time. Till then!

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  • April 17, 2009 /  Lifestyle, Ubuntu

    Read this from Inquirer just a few minutes ago:

    …Local retailer Puregold is deploying a Linux-based point-of-sale or POS system, as it looks to cutting down costs on security while expanding its network of stores…Puregold has ordered more than 2,000 licenses of TPLinux software, according to Paderborn, Germany-based Wincor Nixdorf, which sells niche solutions for banks and retail firms…

    …“We wanted to cut the cost of buying anti-virus licenses and save on the cost of the license of (Microsoft) Windows per POS,” said Ruel Magat, Puregold’s IT Manager…

    Read the rest of the article: http://technology.inquirer.net/infotech/infotech/view/20090416-199780/RP-retailer-goes-for-Linux-based-system

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  • April 17, 2009 /  Tutorials and Guides, Ubuntu

    No, I’m not talking about corn-in-a-cup.

    Add the countdown for your site

    Last night, I upgraded my laptop to Intrepid Ibex, just about a week before the newest version of Ubuntu, Jaunty Jackelope, comes out. Go figure. But before I could perform the upgrade, I was warned that my 7gig root partition on my small 40gig hard drive needed a few more free space. So I was wondering where that free space went; it couldn’t be because I installed the XFCE window manager (which I removed anyway). From Tombuntu, I learned that I could free up more space by removing old unused kernels.

    How much free space? I freed 757megs by removing 6 old unused kernels!

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  • April 3, 2009 /  Lifestyle, Photography, Tools
    Editing Project Victory with Blender

    Editing Project Victory with Blender

    After 9 months in the making, Project Victory is finally completed! It tooks us 6 months to shoot, spread over 2 countries in 6 different locations, and 3 months of post-processing the images building the three collages and getting everyone’s approval, editing and re-editing the video, implementing new ideas, and having fun all the way.

    You can watch the video over at the Project Victory website.

    Project Victory was a photo project that my batchmates did over the last couple of months, and we recorded most of everything that happened along the way. It was created with a mix of open-source and closed-source software in Ubuntu, using BibblePro for RAW conversion, GIMP for some graphics and editing, and Blender for the 3D scenes and the video sequence editing. Read more at the Project Victory website.