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    What would you do if you were in the middle of the desert and you needed to access Google Maps or read some email or YM your boss (I said “what if”, just play along.:P ). Just to make matters worse, you haven’t installed the drivers and software of your phone on your Windows box and (gasp!) you didn’t bring along the driver disc! Well, if you were running Ubuntu, this wouldn’t be a problem. Ubuntu Karmic Koala enables you to connect your phone quickly and easily, no drivers needed. I tested this on Karmic Koala with a Sony Ericsson G502, but the steps should be the same for most phones.

    Here are the steps to quickly connect your phone to the internet.

    Connect your phone via USB cable. On a Sony Ericsson, the phone will prompt you how you want to use your phone. Choose “Phone Mode”.

    Click on the Network Manager icon in the system tray and select “New Mobile Broadband connection…”


    Choose the country where your provider is in.


    Choose your service provider. This will be the name of your cellphone carrier. In my case, I chose Smart.


    Next is to select your plan. This option varies depending on your carrier. For Smart though, you just choose Default.


    Last step is to just verify if your details are correct and click on Apply.


    That’s it! In a few moments, your phone should connect your computer to the Internet and a notification will display showing that you are connected.

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