• February 19, 2011 /  Operating Systems

    #1 Browser in EuropeLast time I checked, Internet Explorer was the leading browser in terms of market share, and despite its several problems when it comes to CSS and web standards, it didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

    Right now, that couldn’t be farther from the truth, as Firefox is now leading the browser market in Europe. What’s interesting though is how I came about this info. I haven’t been observing the browser market for years, but while I was looking at Shutterstock’s new upcoming features, I read this:

    Darkroom features have not been optimized for all web browsers, so we recommend using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

    What, no Internet Explorer?

    It could be that Internet Explorer’s history of deliberately creating their own standards to maintain monopoly, thereby making it a pain in the a** for developers to maintain cross-compatible websites, has backfired on them (finally!). I haven’t used IE for years now, and it seems like it’s gonna stay that way.