• iStabilizer Smartphone Dolly for Smooth Panning Shots

    iStabilizer Smartphone Dolly for Smooth Panning Shots

    Want to shoot those amazingly smooth, dramatic panning shots you see in wedding videos and movies but don’t have any professional equipment?

    Create captivating cinematic videos and panning shots using your iPhone / iPod Touch or other mobile devices like the GoPro. (GoPro camera requires the GoPro tripod mount that is sold separately by GoPro) Read the rest of this entry »

  • April 13, 2011 /  Movies and Animation, Tools, Ubuntu

    So I installed WinFF the other day from the repository. I’ve used WinFF before and it’s a great cross-platform FFMPEG frontend for converting and transcoding videos and audios.

    When WinFF is all set up, it works like a charm. However when installing it for the first time, or in my case setting it up again after a long period of time, problems revolving around codecs usually come up.

    The problem isn’t particularly difficult, it’s just frustrating. Read the rest of this entry »

  • November 18, 2009 /  Movies and Animation, Tech Stuff

    Concept art by Andree Wallin

    Concept art by Andree Wallin

    The third open movie, Sintel, is coming out really soon and is in its last few weeks of development. Like the first two open movies, it is being produced by the Blender Foundation, inviting the best talents to work on it for six months in Amsterdam and introduces several more improvements to the Blender software. As an open movie, the guys creating it are not restricted as with commercial movies and have all the creative freedom they could have to create it. This time around, the third open movie will be an epic, action-adventure short movie set in a fictional fantasy setting.

    Video of their intro video at the Blender Conference after the jump Read the rest of this entry »