• October 11, 2013 /  Geeking Out, Photography, Tech Stuff

    Have you been looking at that GoPro Hero3 Black Edition but can’t afford its P18,000+ price tag?

    Do you want something that shoots just as good, and sometimes better, than the GoPro Hero3 Black?

    Then the ION Air Pro Plus is for YOU!

    Here, Blunty puts the Ion Air Pro HD, which is an older version before the Air Pro Plus, head-to-head with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. While the Hero3 Black is the king of the hill Surprisingly, the Ion Air Pro HD holds its own well enough in terms of video quality.

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  • iStabilizer Smartphone Dolly for Smooth Panning Shots

    iStabilizer Smartphone Dolly for Smooth Panning Shots

    Want to shoot those amazingly smooth, dramatic panning shots you see in wedding videos and movies but don’t have any professional equipment?

    Create captivating cinematic videos and panning shots using your iPhone / iPod Touch or other mobile devices like the GoPro. (GoPro camera requires the GoPro tripod mount that is sold separately by GoPro) Read the rest of this entry »

  • October 10, 2013 /  Geeking Out, Tech Stuff
    Leap Motion Hand Detection Controller

    Leap Motion Hand Detection Controller

    The hand gesture control that you can see in movies such as Iron Man’s Jarvis computer and the computer interface that Tom Cruise uses in Minority Report looks really cool and definitely a thing of the future. But that kind of future doesn’t seem so distant anymore, and that kind of human-computer control is now possible now that a company called Leap Motion has launched their Leap Motion motion controllers worldwide!
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  • FacebookRSSHave you ever had those times where you “Like” a Facebook Page and you really actually like it that you can’t wait for their next post’ , only to find out that some of their posts got buried by the flurry of Newsfeed posts from your friends (some of whom you may like less than the aforementioned fan page)? Yeah, I thought so. One thing you can do is to visit each of those fan pages’ timeline and check out all their posts there, OR you can opt for a more elegant solution by creating its own feed in your preferred RSS reader. And that’s exactly what we’ll do in this GeekMadness tech tip!

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  • March 2, 2012 /  Geeking Out, Tech Stuff, Ubuntu
    Ubuntu for Android

    If ever there was a time where the Linux world is abuzz with no equal in the Mac and Windows worlds, it would be this week! Today we’ll talk about the USB-stick-sized computer, Cotton Candy, the Raspberry Pi development PC board that’s the size of a deck of cards, and Ubuntu for Android.


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  • April 15, 2011 /  Geeking Out, Tech Stuff, Ubuntu

    Saw this AWESOME laptop mod in the Ubuntu Forums and all I can say is joparox (owner of this laptop), you rock!

    I’ve considered modding some of my old laptops before, maybe adding stickers or sport a new custom paint job. But this guy DRILLED through his laptop case with a sanding bit, installed a couple of LEDs, and then covered it up with the clear acrylic from a CD jewel case before gluing it all together with silicon glue!

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  • March 25, 2011 /  Tech Stuff, Tools, Wii

    There are already several tutorials out there on the ‘net on how to make an IR LED pen. Some ranging from simple hacks to full-blown manufacturing. The problem with the simple hacks, though, is that they are clunky, unwieldy, or unsightly (like this one, really cheap to make, but uses tape to keep it together!!!). And anything more complex than that was just too much hard work. The closest thing I found was an IR flashlight tutorial, but it uses a MagLite, which is a bit more expensive than necessary, and a flashlight is unidirectional which will limit it’s use. Plus, you’ll also need to bring out your drill. Nope, not simple enough.

    So I got my brains out of the drawer, dusted it off, and started using it a bit, and thought up of a cheap, simple, and really easy-to-do but very elegant solution! The philosophy behind it? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Read the rest of this entry »

  • November 18, 2009 /  Movies and Animation, Tech Stuff

    Concept art by Andree Wallin

    Concept art by Andree Wallin

    The third open movie, Sintel, is coming out really soon and is in its last few weeks of development. Like the first two open movies, it is being produced by the Blender Foundation, inviting the best talents to work on it for six months in Amsterdam and introduces several more improvements to the Blender software. As an open movie, the guys creating it are not restricted as with commercial movies and have all the creative freedom they could have to create it. This time around, the third open movie will be an epic, action-adventure short movie set in a fictional fantasy setting.

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  • July 19, 2009 /  Games, Miro, Wii

    Got this video from GameTrailers Wii, one of my Miro subscriptions.
    It’s still in development, but from the look of this early trailer, it looks to be like one of the more creative games we’ve seen in previous years. Will it be joining the ranks of Little Big Planet and World of Goo? It’s quite too early to tell, but just watch the trailer and post your opinion in the comments.

    <a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=YGFo5m5anVE">http://youtube.com/watch?v=YGFo5m5anVE</a>

    Learn more about Max and the Magic Marker from their official web site.
    If you’d like to subscribe to GameTrailers Wii, click on the following button:
    Miro Video Player

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  • April 29, 2009 /  Mac, Tech Stuff

    Been quite busy lately, I was hired to do an audio video production for someone’s birthday, and also I’m setting up several model shoots to build up my portfolio. Plus, I just came back from Shanghai, so blogging time was close to nil.

    So for now, I’ll just leave you with an excerpt from late breaking news that Apple is getting sued for iTunes

    Internet rights champions have accused Apple of stifling free speech by bullying OdioWorks into ending online sharing of ways to get iPods to work with music websites other than iTunes…

    …At the heart of the issue is the BluWiki website that details ways to get Apple’s popular iPhones and iPod MP3 players to synchronize music and video files with media at services such as Songbird, Banshee, Rockbox, and Winamp…

    …Apple zealously guards iTunes’ status as an exclusive content delivery and management tool for iPod and iPhone hardware.

    “Apple’s legal threats against BluWiki are about censorship, not about protecting their legitimate copyright interests,” said EFF senior staff attorney Fred von Lohmann.

    Full article at Yahoo!News

    All I can say is I’m not surprised and actually expecting it. These days, consumers can no longer be bullied into a monopoly the likes of how Microsoft dominated the 90′s. Personally, I’ve never used iTunes software with my 3rd-gen iPod Nano. As an Ubuntu user, I’ve initialized it in Linux and use Rhythmbox and GTKPod for managing my music and videos. I’ll teach you guys how to do that next time. Till then!

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