• March 6, 2012 /  Dropbox, Tools, Ubuntu One

    Dropbox and Ubuntu One are just two examples of cloud storage services. Their main feature is the ability to sync your files once on one computer and have your files synced and available in any of your other computers. It’s a wonderful concept. You can work on a file at the office and when you get home it’s there for you to continue working on if you choose to, and vice versa. Or say you bring your laptop on a safari and your laptop takes a dive. You’ll be happy to know that your files are safe and dry in the cloud.

    The Dropbox video also included the iPhone and Android phones. So you’ll never leave home without your precious files. Except that there’s one problem. The Dropbox app DOESN”T ACTUALLY DO ANY SYNCING! (If you want to sync files, you have to first download the file manually with the app, then mark it as your favorite. You have to do this for EVERY FILE) Forget that safari. When you fall into a watering hole with your smartphone, say goodbye to your files unless you remembered to manually upload your files back into the cloud in the 2 seconds before you hit the water.

    For the longest time, Dropbox users have been wondering about the retarded reason why this feature isn’t available. Well the developers at Ubuntu One (as well as this author) calls that bulls**t, and if all goes well, the Ubuntu One app will have mobile syncing in a couple of months time. We all know that your smartphone is perfectly capable of syncing, and a lot of other users out there think so too!

    Whether or not Dropbox decides to play catchup, or if this Ubuntu One feature ever really materializes is something to look out for. It’s a bit too late for me though, I’ve already transferred to Ubuntu One’s 5GB storage. I’m sure if I had recommended Dropbox well enough, they’d give me even more space, but without mobile syncing, it’s just not for me.

    If you want to try them out, go visit these links: